Yes, it is very important to keep it cold at all times due to the fact its all natural with no preservatives added. When we decide to ship our cold brew it will be on ice in your package with cold packs.

Typically your cold brew will last 2-3 months unopened. After you open, which we are sure you will try to consume within 14 days.

When we launch our bottles online we will have a stays fresh until date on it from the time it was cold brewed.

Our cold brew is all natural with no sugars added. So when you order from us you can expect an all natural experiance when enjoying the best cold brew concentrate in florida...and soon in your own home. 


French Press - This would be our coarsest grind, perfect for the French Press and perfect making your own cold brew at home.

Stove-top percolator - A little bit finer than the French press grind. Good for getting that water through filter and extracting great flavors from your coffee

Electric percolator - One setting finer than the grind above. A great grind for your Chemex, this would be a medium-coarse grind setting.

Drip - Great for V60 and flat bottom drip filter. We have been using this for over a decade, and find its best for getting those flavors you deserve from your coffee bean!

Auto Drip - Used for all of your automatic drip coffee makers. We feel it's the finer grind that hits well with regular coffee making.

Fine - Great for an aeropress and cone bottom filters. This will help give you that full body flavor you need from your coffee.

Espresso - And of course we have the finest grind which is our espresso grind. Although we don't do espresso in our shop, we want you to have the best grind if this is your way to enjoy the coffee you love.


Fulfilment - We will pack your hot coffee and ship the same day if ordered before 3PM EST. Monday-Saturday. 

*Cold brew is packed and shipped Monday-Thursday with Ups 2-day air default shipping method. 

Please understand that expected transit times are based on the carrier not us. We will always try to ship te same day if ordered before 3PM EST.

Shipping - All hot coffee will ship wthin 3 days and cold brew within 2 days.

  • Cold brew concentrate is shippied via UPS 2 day air, we cannot gurantee time of delivery. However we will make sure to get orders out as soon as possible.
  • Our hot coffee and merchandise ship out via USPS prioirty. We cannot gurantee time of delivery. However we will make sure to get orders out as soon as possible.