We started our business simply because we love coffee and its culture. We are two people who come from a struggled life. To see our business where it is today is something of a blessing and hard work.

Our dream originally was to get out of New Jersey and move to California to start a small coffee shop. But instead Covid had other plans.

After buying our house in California the day Covid started is the day we closed on our beautiful house in Temecula California.

We figured cool, sometime to fix up the yard and build some things. About 2 months later still not back to work we decided to buy a conversion van and drive the country.

We went to Michigan and saw some family then took a ride to Jersey and then Florida to go right back to cali. We did this 8 different times.

When Covid didn't end we decided to pack up and move to Florida. We sold our house and now we are here today building the coffee empire in Sarasota, Florida. 

Established in 2022

We started Coast To Coast Coffee with a dream to give the daily commuter a better cup of coffee.

Trying to find a location was extra hard for us. We were at the point of almost giving up and we were heart broken.

We went to look at this last listing that looked like a hole in the wall, but we had no other choice but to check it out. When we looked at this place the drop ceiling was caving in and it had dog hair everywhere.

In the place where we are now it used to be a dog groomer. We looked around and saw our vision and told the realtor "we will take it" with a smile.

Now 2 years later we helped the owner of Southpointe village and marina source 12 businesses.

We built a deck in the front of the plaza, because we figured it would help bring more business, which it did!

We also painted the marquee in the front of the plaza (that nobody sees).

We can't be happier as to where we are now, and where we plan to bring Coast To Coast Coffee!